Our safety experience will protect you

Safety experts play an vital role in America's industry. With today's diverse workplace, safety inspections will protect your company from OSHA fines. Prevention of work related injury is important to your company's success because it will limit your liabilities. Learn more about preventative safety inspections

You will benefit from a safety consultant

Our professional safety consultants prepare companies and individuals for routine safety inspections. Our consultations offer the following key benefits:

  • Improved Safety Performance
  • Comply With Regulatory Requirements
  • Maximize Return on Investment in Safety
  • Avoid Costly OSHA Citations & Fines
  • Dramatically Lower Losses and Insurance Costs

About Scannell and Associates

Our management consultants have construction/industrial backgrounds and understand the challenges of managing safety in dynamic industries. Our philosophy is based on providing proactive and upstream management of the safety process.

Improve your safety, Contact SAI

Contact Scannell and Associates to improve your company's safety. Our inspections will decrease company liablities